Comic Con 2015 Trailers | Batman v Superman | Suicide Squad | Star Wars | The Hunger Games

Oh My WOW!

Comic Con 2015 proved to be as eventful as anticipated with a wealth of new trailers and exciting glimpses at some of the movie worlds biggest projects.  Here are some of my favourite for you to get excited about:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I had a dilemma as to whether I open with the best or save it for the end.  Well I thought I would save you the best trailers until the end but open with something that has me full of intrigue.  Batman vs Superman will no doubt be spectacular but the idea has me seriously confused the more I learn about it.  I can’t seem to decide if I am genuinely interested in it or simply want to watch it out of morbid curiosity for the concept of these two “good guy” superheroes battling it out for the greater good.  Seems almost oxymoronic.

What the trailer does provide is a better look into Ben Affleck’s long awaited run as Batman and his characters motivations against the god-like Superman.  He seems to have invested in a large number of upgrades too that will aid him in his quest to put the Krypton refugee back in his place.  After getting over the shock of using someone other than Christian Bale for Batman, I am intrigued to see what Affleck can bring to the role and what level of dimension he creates for the Bruce Wayne character that stand up to that performed by Michael Keaton all those years ago.

From the glimpses we have seen I am excited about some of the female characters.  Wonder Woman makes her first appearance in something much less scantily clad than I had anticipated and the delivery of the line “You don’t owe this world a thing, you never did.” from Martha Kent is a delightful teaser into the moral conviction Superman must be facing in the aftermath of his actions from Man of Steel.  We also get to see a little more of Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luther.  Seeing these small snippets does make me wonder if he is the right man for the job but I guess time will tell.

The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 2

This advert doesn’t reveal much to us about the finale of the Hunger Games series.  It is pretty to watch and Jennifer Lawrence has never looked more bad ass but there is very little to deem from this other than there will be a big fight with lots of action.  Nicely choreographed clip with some great timing  but nothing to write home about just yet.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

This excited me more than I expected.  This is so much more than just a trailer, this is a glimpse into the passion, the fire, the belief that literally everyone is carrying with them on set.  I can’t help but feel this film is being pushed to success on the sheer excitement of everyone involved let alone the talent, modern movie making mod-cons and legendary characters that are involved.

Star Wars has been an important part of people’s history and to see it rebirth raises so many questions.  This trailer hopefully answers  a few of the obvious ones such as, “how are you going to make it as good as the originals?”.

I love the fact that the production team aren’t cutting corners, that people are excited to come and work on building the Millennium Falcon or big elaborate sets to film in so this isn’t a film totally reliant on CGI.  That’s great to see as it will only add to the on screen result.

As a film maker, this clip is brilliant in showing you not only the hard work but also how they achieve some of these great effects.  It sparks off inspiration and excitement to want to go out there and do it yourself.  In fact, it raises the question, “Why don’t you?”.  Finish reading this article first and then you can go and make the next Star Wars.

Suicide Squad

Finally, the most exciting for the end.  A first look at Suicide Squad!

As a scriptwriter, I love this concept.  It has so much that you can explore and I really hope that David Ayer has done so.  The characters that are shown in this trailer are so intriguing and the idea of “Bad Guys” doing good seems so chaotic its brilliant.  Plausible deniability, reckless care for any thing, just how do you make these villains do anything good.

Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, is fascinating and I really want to see more of her.  It also says something when you see Will Smith in a film and yet he is not the most interesting character on the screen.  You can see he is trying something different so I hope it pays off simply as he is a great role model for me in life as well as acting.

Then we come to the end of the trailer, The Joker!  I find it so hard to picture anyone but Heath Ledger as the Joker but I must admit, Jared Leto has me wanting to see more.  To put it simply, 10 seconds is no where near enough to judge whether this holds a candle to Heath’s performance in Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight.  Undeniably, the image is terrifying and seems to stay close to the look in the comic books which I actually quite like the more I watch it.

This dark and gritty world that DC Comics is creating is incredibly interesting and stands separate to the colourful Marvel Universe which I love.  I am happy they are doing something different as I can differentiate the two worlds in my head and the characters are so different in each.  Will this gritty, devastated, run-down DC world be successful?  Almost undoubtedly.  The sheer interest and talent behind it all will make it something that you just have to watch even if you don’t want to.  I look forward to seeing more from the “Suicide Squad” as we near it’s 2016 release date.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed watching these. Some other great trailers from comic con 2015 include Fantastic Four and a brilliant trailer for The Man from U.N.C.L.E which I have linked to below.

Fantastic Four

The Man from U.N.C.L.E

Enjoy and happy Comic Con 2015!

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    1. Ill be posting about Black Mass soon. You should check out that trailer when I do. May be more to your liking.


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