Titanic – The Million Dollar Shot

Hey All,

I was watching some post production videos last night and I saw this clip that I just had to share. The clip describes how James Cameron wanted a shot which cost nearly $1 Million and also pushed the boundaries of post production at the time. Without this shot, Cameron felt that you couldn’t be in a place to truly absorb the devastation of the story of Titanic and, as Film makers are ultimately story tellers, it was essential that this shot above all others was made.

Watching this helps you appreciate the amount of effort and genius that goes into making films of this calibre. The post production team were working on effects that, at the time of making, had never been done before. I particularly like the comment by Producer Jon Landau that these effects are now common place within the VFX industry. That just goes to show how ground-breaking this was.

I thoroughly agree with Cameron that without the marvel of this aerial look and appreciation for both the character and the mightiness of Titanic you don’t travel with the story to the climatic finale and loss. It’s not hard to see why this spent so long as the highest grossing film of all time only to be surpassed by another James Cameron wonder, Avatar.

I hope you can enjoy a brief glimpse into the post production and compositing that took place for this marvellous shot in a wonderful film.

Happy Friday all!


One thought on “Titanic – The Million Dollar Shot

  1. Im in Uganda, i love Film making and i do screen writing. Titanic is and will always be the best movie of all times to me. I love the marvelous story as you had mentioned.


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