Sedition (2017) – Trailer

Exciting times lie ahead.  To be exact, exciting and apocalyptic times lie ahead!

It’s fair to say that British Sci-fi has lacked a certain drive about it since it has had the ability to rest on popular shows such as Doctor Who and films such as Alien and Monsters.  Its fair to say that making a sic-fi these days is difficult as audiences crave for more from their films than just the 120 – 180 minutes they see on screen.  Audiences today want universes and worlds created for them that they can relate to, albeit strangely.

So what hope does any writer or director have if they want to create sci-fi?  Well first of all, it goes without saying that you have to be passionate about the world you are trying to create and the story.  It has to be a believable alien race again that we can either relate to or run and hide behind the sofa from sheer fear from, apparently people used to hide from the Daleks once…It’s true, just ask my Dad!

Well Damon Driver, creator and director for up and coming British sic-fi, Sedition, has just the right amount of passion, time and creative know how to do just that.  He has created a world based on humanities survival of a fearsome alien race.  Can us humans once again beat off the wrath of the tyrannous, world capturing baddies.  You can bet your ass we will give it a damn good go!  No alien’s taking my laptop without me giving him a kick in what I can only hope is his “family” area.  Oh please let it be, I want to live and procrastinate for many more years on the internet watching videos of cat’s to music from Inception!

From his experiences on film sets such as Fury, Captain America, Band of Brothers and Game of Thrones, Damon is bringing his take on a new creation and an original idea.  Starting as a labour of love this has gained more and more traction with people clambering to be involved in the project in any way they can.

Sedition is set to grace our screens in 2017.  A lot of people are putting a lot of effort into the success of this and for that I can simply say, British sic-fi thanks you greatly.  Watch the first trailer below:

Excited about Sedition?  Let me know your thoughts below.

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