James Bond – Spectre Trailer

Things that make me realise we are flying through this year – Its nearly August, I heard someone mention Christmas yesterday (worryingly), Sony Pictures have released the second trailer for Spectre the next in the James Bond films.  Watch it here:

Rumour has it that this will be both Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes’ last Bond film!  Oh no!  The doors are suddenly wide open to the worlds thoughts on who could replace both of these two incredible people.  Damian Lewis has been presented as a potential considered choice for the next Bond but trust me all of this is completely speculative at this point.  It has been confirmed for Sam Mendes at least via the BBC.

This trailer has a lovely feel to it but there are still a lot that needs answering for me.  It looks good and lots of unusual stunts which is always nice to see in a Bond film but has this truly captured the Britishness that is Bond?  After Skyfall, it will be hard to top the feeling of truly messing with James Bond and his past but it does appear that maybe we and James Bond don’t know everything about his history just yet.  As time grows closer it will be interesting to see how much the adverts are willing to reveal before the big launch.  Is it on the must watch list?  It’s certainly creeping that way for me.

So, what do you guys think?  Who should be the next Bond or the next Bond Director?  Do you believe these rumours?  What do you think about the new trailer?  Are you going to watch it in November once it is released?  Oh so many questions and so little time…

Love to hear from you so let me know your thoughts.

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