Cinema 4D – Motion Graphics Trailer

Hello all my filmies out there,

Its nearly Friday!  Yes, I can say that and still get excited.  So what’s on the cards today?  Browsing around, as I do, I came across a heap load of inspiration all crammed in to one tiny video that frankly made me want to bust out my best 3D software and pretend I could make something half as good as these guys.

But Eamon, what could you possibly have seen to make you so excited?  Well, I have wandered across the latest MoGraph trailer (that’s short for motion graphics for us people not in the biz), released by Maxon showing some great work created with their software Cinema 4D.  Check it out:

Like what!  Yes that is super amazing, inspirational MoGraph’s….mind…blowing…slowly….with….sheer excitement and creative urges, Ahhhh!

If you couldn’t tell, I love seeing work like this.  It just goes to show how powerful this sort of software can be.  For those of you wondering what Cinema 4D is, it’s basically software you can get for your computer that allows you to produce amazing 3D animations as seen above.  Check Cinema 4D out here if you are interested.

What if you are on a bit of a shoe string budget though and can’t afford the likes of something such as Cinema 4D, is there another option?  In a nutshell, yes!  The best open source alternative that is growing in strength and power every day is Blender.  The best bit about it is, because its open source, it is completely free!  Yes FREE!  Open source also means that its updates come from the community allowing people to make a wide variety of intense and powerful add-on’s.

Want it?  You got it!  Check out and download Blender here.  Need some help getting started with using it?  Check out this intro course by CG Cookie to get you started.  After that, why not check out Blender Guru run by Andrew Price for some great how to videos to get you really running with this powerful software

So this is an invitation that goes out to all you animators / MoGraph designers out there.  Show us your work!  Inspire us, let us see what you can create and which software you used to make it.  Things like this truly help inspire new people into the industry raising the bar on what can be achieved.

Can’t wait to see what you guys create…

P.S – if anyone knows what the tune in the motion graphics trailer is let me know as I can’t stop playing it!

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