Acting: What do you Look for in your Roles?

This is to all you actors out there.

A bit of a weekend motivation to help challenge you and make you think about what you look for in your roles and why you do it?

Sometimes some of the hardest questions we can answer are when people challenge us in our acting asking why we want to sacrifice a “normal life” to be a full-time actor.  That’s a very difficult question to answer sometimes as often the people asking simply don’t understand the answers that usually follow: “There isn’t anything else I could do”, “it makes me happier than anything else”, “because I can and I want to”.  All of these are answers from something born of passion and to any normal person seem a long way from rationality.  Simply put, these people have either never been passionate about something or never had the courage to fight for that passion.

To help you truly understand your own motivations, this clip of some of the best known actors talking about why they do it and what they look for in their roles and projects may provoke some thinking of your own.

I hope it helps:

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