Writing: 101 Habits of Highly Effective Screen Writers

Today’s post goes out to all those script writers out there.

I have just finished reading a book called 101 Habits of Highly Effective Screen Writers and I found it to be such a powerful tool that I had to instantly share it with out delay so that others could also benefit from it.

Check out my thoughts here:

Here is the book to buy and I really can’t stress how valuable a read it is, even if you are not a screen writer the principles are still valuable and transferable:

UK – Buy it here…

US – Buy it here…

To be clear, in no way do I get any form of royalties from this, it is purely a suggestion from one scriptwriter to another.

I hope you find it useful and definitely let me know if you have read any other books recently that have helped you.  I would love to read and share them with everyone.

Keep writing great material and filling this world with exciting stories for all to see and remember, no matter what anyone says, if it wasn’t for the script writers there would be no film!

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