Acting: How to React

Hello my fellow thespians, this post is for you.

Ever watched an amateur production and seen that person that just, well, isn’t reacting in a real way?  You know, that over actor that just can’t help but “sell” their performance.  The problem is, we have all probably done it at some point while learning and thought we were looking amazing until we got the review or watched our selves back thinking “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I subjected my audiences to that!”

Well fear not, there is a way to improve upon it.  Like anything in life, if you work hard enough, you can change this and create great reactions that just look, natural!  Hoozaar!

So what is this marvellous medicine that can help us all?  Watch and learn:

That’s right, the simple key to remember is that every action that you witness creates a reaction with you emotionally either in your head (thought provoking) or in your gut (physical, act before you think).  Once you have this emotional reaction you then make a calculated decision about your reaction that you present and this is the key moment that you have to consider.  It could be a very short time between your reaction and decision or it can be a considerable time if the situation is more thought provoking.  To capitalise on this process you need to know your character inside out and understand what that initial reaction would be and then what they would like to present to the world.

If you master this then you will be well on your way to creating award winning performances.

So remember, ACTION – REACTION – DECISION.  Watch yourself throughout your reactions in the day and notice when you present something that isn’t your initial reaction and times when you act before you think.

Let me know if this helps and I will look to provide more tips for your acting.  Let me see your reactions too would love to see how people are getting on with this…

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