Risen – Trailer

We have been privileged to be provided with a second trailer for the 2016 film Risen.  Let’s check it out:

This film intrigues me massively.  I love the exciting concept of viewing a story we all know of through the eyes of a non-believer.  Would you believe it even if you witnessed it?  Its such a great twist on an original story that once told seems so obvious to try and yet it has taken this long for someone to do it.

I personally am thrilled that they are trying something new and I really hope they do it the true justice such an epic story deserves.  I think this way of telling the story has the ability to challenge static thinking and create interesting questions to how you would react given the situation.  A great challenge and question to try and answer.

If this trailer has wet your appetite why not check out the first trailer:

So there you go, this is the new film, Risen, due to hit theatres in 2016.  Are you excited about this?  Is this the sort of film that makes you cautious due to its religious content?  Is this something that you want to see more of? Let me know below.

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