Odd Brodsky – Film Review

A micro budget film, filmed over 20 days in over 30 locations, official selection of 29 film festivals and winner of 20 film festival awards and critiqued as “One of the Best Films of the Year”!

Any Director or Producer would be proud to have these accolades on their film and thats exactly what powerhouse Director, Producer, Co-writer and Actress Cindy Baer has with her film ‘Odd Brodsky’ (wow thats a lot of things, go girl!). The big question remains, is all the fuss justified?

Scotty Dickert

I can honestly say I really enjoyed this film. Even as a micro budget movie, Odd Brodsky delivers as a quirky, funny, touching and a truly heart warming experience. The characters, although pushing their stereotypes to extremes at points, are cast well and work brilliantly together. You really do fall in love with all of them however, I have to say that Tegan Ashton Cohan delivers a truly mesmerising on screen performance as the lead role of Audrey. There were points where I honestly had to catch myself before I ventured into an embarrassing, teary eyed moment. What! Reel Guys can cry too! I will definitely enjoy watching where she goes after this because I can bet it will be on to something good.

The film itself carries an editing and cinematography style that reminds me of Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ just not quite as extreme in colour which I think does not detract in the slightest, its great to watch! The talent in this film both on screen and off screen is evident with this being a micro budget film that avoids all the usual micro budget film issues. You know the ones Im talking about, bad audio, odd editing choices, grainy film shot on poor low-res cameras and a few odd camera angles. Odd Brodsky avoids all of this and transports you effortlessly into the world of Audrey, a middle aged woman just wanting to follow her dream.

BTS_ Left to right Cindy Baer

That leads me on to the plot and the story. The film follows Audrey, a middle aged girl, stuck as an ‘office gal’ when what she really wants to do is make her mother proud and follow her dream of acting. Following her journey as she steps out of comfort zone and attempts to tackle the unknown we get to meet the funny characters she meets along the way. Characters such as ‘Camera One’, her trusty camera operator, played by Matthew Kevin Anderson, who films her for the reality TV show she plans to make to help her become discovered or her attractive stoner housemate ‘Spuds’, played by Scotty Dickert from the Netflix original film ‘XOXO’, who just seems to be in the right place at the right time. We watch these characters grow together through a series of antics as Audrey tries harder and harder to reach her dream before her money runs out and her dream along with it. I admit, there is an element of bias with me being an actor and this being a story about a person dreaming to be a successful actor but this film hits the thoughts, feelings, bad times and good right on the head. I really did resonate with this story of aspiration recognising a lot of states that I myself had been through.

So should you watch this film. Honestly, even if you are not an actor I really think you should! Its a great feel good movie that demonstrates the courage a person choosing to act has to carry with them even in the face of overwhelming resistance and confusion from people who don’t understand their decision and think they are helping but are actually cutting the deepest with their words.

This film has done well already and I believe it will continue to do so. A truly great film from truly talented people.

Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phYNu3UZa_k

Odd Brodsky is available to watch on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu and other VOD platforms. Go and watch it now!



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